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Xigang district is the main urban area of Dalian, covers an area of 26.1 square kilometers with resident population of 300000 people, jurisdiction of 7 streets and 45 communities. Xigang has rich cultural resources and famous tourist attractions like Dalian Forest Zoo, Fujiazhuang Park and People's Square. Xigang has attracted a great deal of investment from several distinguished companies like Dalian Shipbuilding Industry, Wanda Group, Grand Light and Good Luck Group as well as a number of well-known Fortune 500 enterprises like Wal-Mart of USA, Decathlon, Carrefour of France, Metro of Germany, IKEA of Sweden and France Decathlon. The First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University, Dalian library, Dalian Museum of science and technology, Dalian Experimental Kindergarten, Dalian Experimental Primary School, Dalian Youth Palace, Dalian song and dance ensemble and other the quality of public service infrastructures are located in Xigang. Xigang district has won numbers of honorary titles, such as the "National Harmonious Community Construction Demonstration District", "National Cultural Work Advanced Zone", "National Science and Technology Advanced District", "Liaoning Province Urban Civilization Pacesetter", "Powerful District of Elementary education in Liaoning Province" and so on.

In recent years, under the leadership of Dalian municipal Party committee, the development strategy of Xigang has been implemented thoroughly according to "connotation development, quality improvement, innovation driven". The district strives to build "the scientific development of the quality of city” and to take the responsibilities of promoting economic and social development besides the urban functions. Xigang vigorously promote economic structure optimization and industry upgrade in order to become the first district-wide gathering area of the modern service industry of Liaoning coastal economic zone. Adhered to the direction of headquarters economy and building economy, enterprises headquarters like Jones Lang LaSalle, DDT, PCCW have settled here, which leads to the headquarters agglomeration degree entering into the forefront of northeast in China. In addition, the foundation of major projects like the first PE industrial building in northeast area, Hang Lung Plaza, Chang Jiang Center and other large projects play a strategic role in boosting. Xigang comprehensively practices people's livelihood working concept understood as "do people's needs, satisfy people's wants", and the education, medical, pension, employment, culture and community building and other social territory have all reached leading level of provinces. In Xigang, there exist 500 meters of cultural circle, 700 meters of medical circle, 500 meters of elder benefiting service circle, the community home, migrant workers personnel comprehensive service center, service park, the social organization of family service industry skills training center, volunteer service station and a number of bright carriers shows on. Xigang strengthens the innovation of social governance, for instance, it has firstly invented 365 days, 24 hours "365 work system of all-weather, all-round, full coverage" service for the masses, expanded the 83658365 hotline and other 9 appeal accepted channels, fully implemented the grid management and the hearing procedure system of residents sound. The district has formed the cooperation mechanism between municipal public service department and basis stations which realizes the transitions of the social management from extensive to elaborate, from passive to active, from bias management to social cooperation type. Xigang vigorously develops the Wisdom City through realizing free wireless network coverage on key regions, key sites, launched the elderly Smart-Watch and a number of wisdom people benefiting engineering, such as the wisdom education, wisdom health, wisdom security, wisdom traffic ,wisdom logistic and so on. To further improve the ecological quality of city, Xigang thoroughly carries out environment renovation projects such as ecological protection, garden community building and so on. In the meantime, the work of Party building constantly deepens. Jobs related to the aspects of the construction of learning type party organization, regional construction of the party, public affairs and the United Front Work have got efficient results. Furthermore, the construction of democracy and legal system keeps promoting and the performing ability of National People's Congress constantly improves.

Welcome to the beautiful, civilized and open Xigang district!

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